How to Become Friends with Someone Who Knows You?

Answer Here's a guide to becoming friends with an acquaintance.

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How to Recommend Someone Become Friends With Someone Else on Facebook?

Facebook lets you befriend other member's of the social networking website, allowing you to keep in touch with buddies and family online. After racking up your allotment of friends, you can share t... Read More »

How to Become Good Friends With Someone?

There is someone you want to be friends with, but you are not sure they want to be friends with you? Here are some steps to make a person want to become your friend.

How to Become Friends With Someone Who Rejected You?

hey middle school girls who just got rejected and are thinking thay you life is over. I have some tips to help you get over this, fast.

How to Become Friends Again With Someone Who Betrayed You?

Everybody in this world do have friends and not every friends are friends in deed.Many may try to stab you in the back. What if you have a friend whom you loved the most and he/she betrayed you? Yo... Read More »