How to Become Famous Using Social Media?

Answer Almost everyone has their "fifteen minutes of fame",[1] but just maybe you want more. As time and technology moves forward, the ways to accomplish this advance.

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How to Find a Job Using Social Media?

Get yourself together (possibly sans the cape) for job huntingGetting a job is difficult. Job-search sites have many job postings but actually landing a job through these services seems almost impo... Read More »

How to Use Social Media to Become a Better Blogger?

Professional blogger, fly by night author, or any other type of writer; sometimes you are stuck for ideas (or opinions). Social media can help you out with that...(maybe there's an 'app' for that!)

How to Publish an Online Magazine Using Social Media, Blogs and a Website?

You have an idea for publishing an online magazine. This is one of the easiest task to do if you follow the steps mentioned below.

How can I become a famous dubstep dj using youtube?

If you're a true dj It's not about:"getting famous dubstep" Infact, Create a good beat. Something which takes you on a virtual trip to your happy place. You don't just want to make useless dubstep.... Read More »