How to Become A Criminal Profiler in Australia?

Answer Becoming a criminal profiler in Australia requires years of hard work and determination. Achieving the vast depth of skills and techniques required to become a profiler involves studying a related ... Read More »

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What is a criminal profiler?

Criminal profilers have existed since the 1880s and the days of serial killer, Jack the Ripper. Their tools include strong analytical and observational skills, knowledge of forensic science and tra... Read More »

How much money does a criminal profiler make?

As of May 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, criminal profilers, whose occupation falls under the umbrella of criminal investigators, averaged an annual salary of $63,840 with an av... Read More »

How would a criminal profiler react to being told a suspected serial killer is a Wikipedia admin?

I think the profiler would be very surprised - most serial killers are far more ethical, well-mannered, considerate, and self-respecting than the typical Wikipedia admin. Admittedly, that's not say... Read More »

How long does a criminal record last in Australia?

How long a criminal record lasts in Australia depends on the age of the person at the time the crime was committed and the length of the imprisonment. If you were pardoned or were imprisoned for le... Read More »