How to Beat the Shiva Sisters in "FF13"?

Answer In "Final Fantasy XIII," Eidolons are ancient gods that offer their help to you, but only if you have the strength to defeat them in a battle first. The Shiva sisters, Styria and Nix, are the first... Read More »

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How to Beat the Shiva Sisters in "Final Fantasy 13"?

"Final Fantasy XIII" is a role-playing video game. Over the course of the game story, players fight hundreds of enemies, many of which require special strategies to defeat. One such enemy is the Sh... Read More »

How Do I Beat Gestalt in "FF13"?

Gestalt is a mode of battle that only takes place when you are combating Eidolons, which are special summonable creatures in "Final Fantasy XIII." The only way to obtain Eidolons in FF13 is to defe... Read More »

How Do I Beat Bahamut in "FF13"?

Bahamut is a powerful dragon and a staple character in the "Final Fantasy" series. Bahamut appears in Chapter 10 of "Final Fantasy XIII" as one of the game's Eidolon -- massive, summoned creatures ... Read More »

Why do sisters beat up their younger ones?

Laws? like on how old you have to be to have a baby? No.But if your town or city has a weird rule, I recommend moving to the states or to Canada. but don't worry I give you a 99.9% guarantee that t... Read More »