How to Beat the Second Kanto Gym Leader in Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green?

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How to Catch Articuno in Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green?

Having trouble catching those three birds? Caught 2 but can't catch the 3rd? Searching for help? Well, search no more. I am here to help you catch Articuno. It takes a while but it is worth it.

How to Fill the Kanto Pokedex Up in "Pokemon Fire Red"?

You can encounter nearly every Pokemon from the Kanto Pokedex by battling other Pokemon trainers in "Pokemon FireRed." To get a complete listing of all 150 Pokemon needed to fill the Kanto Pokedex,... Read More »

How to Capture Pokemon in the Safari Zone on "Pokemon Leaf Green"?

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How to Beat the 6th Gym Leader in Pokemon Emerald?

WinonaWinona, the 6th gym leader in the game, Pokemon Emerald, is one of the hardest trainers to beat. She uses flying Pokemon, so take that into consideration.