How to Beat a Big Daddy in Bioshock?

Answer You hear its heavy footsteps and low moaning come ever closer. The huge monster of a man stands between you and the ADAM-filled Little Sister. But getting to that tiny girl isn't a walk in the park... Read More »

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How Do I Beat a Big Daddy in"Bioshock"?

Set the difficulty to "Easy" at the Start Menu. This will help you build your strategy and learn how the Big Daddy's function.Find a Big Daddy. Hack any Security Bots to provide you extra firepower... Read More »

How to Kill a Big Daddy in Bioshock?

Yes, big daddies are hard to kill in Bioshock, but there is an easier way...

How long does it take to kill Big Daddy in"Bioshock"?

How long it takes to defeat the "Big Daddy" character type in 2K Games' "Bioshock" video game depends on a variety of factors, including the game's difficulty setting, weapon, ammo type and plasmid... Read More »

Why does my daddy beat me?