How to Beat Wendigo in "Wolverine's Revenge"?

Answer "X-Men 2: Wolverine's Revenge" is an action, role-playing game where you take the role of one of the most famous "X-Men," Wolverine, to fight against many enemies and mutants from the Marvel Comic ... Read More »

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How to Defeat Wendigo in "X2: Wolverine's Revenge"?

"X2: Wolverine's Revenge" features five enemies of Wolverine's from the comic books. One of these is Wendigo, a large, cannibalistic snow creature. If you approach Wendigo from the front he'll quic... Read More »

How to Kill a Wendigo?

Wendigo is a monster that you must battle in the role-playing game "Final Fantasy X" for the Sony PlayStation 2. Your success in the game's boss battles, Wendigo included, depends heavily on the st... Read More »

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