How to Beat Vision Test?

Answer Have you ever needed to beat a vision test to do something or get somewhere important in your life? I know I have. Here are some helpful hints to how to "Beat" a vision test.

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How much would it cost for a vision test?

20/30 is actually almost normal. So no stress.Costco does super eye exams for $50 - and I think you do not even have to be a member. Google costco and call the nearest one and ask for the optical... Read More »

Do you have to pass a vision test to get your learner's license in Florida?

To get your learner's permit in the state of Florida, you must pass a vision test. To pass the test, you must have 20/40 vision in both eyes, with or without corrective lenses like glasses or conta... Read More »

How can I beat a urine test?

Simple stop using drugs dumb a$$. Get your life together OR maybe you want to jail.

How can i beat a drug test?