How to Beat Torchlight Trouble on Donkey Kong Country?

Answer "Donkey Kong Country" is a side-scrolling platform game released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994 and later ported to the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and Wii. Torchlight Tro... Read More »

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How to Morph Diddy Kong in Donkey Kong Country 2?

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How to Get a Crest in Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat?

You have finished a kingdom but you don't know how many bananas or beats you need to win the game?Well, in this how to, we'll show you how to get crests in Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat!Here's how you e... Read More »

How to Be Donkey Kong on Club Penguin?

You see penguins that are dressed as Mario, Luigi, Bowser, etc. You start to get really jealous. You want to be like them, but you also want something new. Ding dong, Donkey Kong!

How to Pass "Donkey Kong" Level 3-5?

In the 1994 Game Boy title "Donkey Kong," the big ape kidnaps Pauline, Mario's girlfriend, and the Italian plumber must traverse a series of levels to rescue her. This game includes the original le... Read More »