How to Beat Stage Fright During Performance?

Answer Stage fright is identified as "being nervous when performing in front of a lot of people". It's true; standing up on a stage can make you feel very nervous. How do you cope? Here's how to get rid o... Read More »

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How to Work the Stage During a Performance?

Whether you're saying a few lines, or a whole monologue, the stage is YOURS for the time being. Let the audience know with these steps.

How to Enjoy Your Time on Stage During a Performance?

Ever had that time on stage where you have just felt "bleugh"? You forgot your lines, corpsed, and/or lose concentration? When any of these things happen, and they happen to most performers, they c... Read More »

How to Conquer Stage Fright?

So you are probably presenting something to your peers, family, and other strangers, whether it be a play, or just a presentation. Worried? Read this, and you are sure to be rid of that awful feeling!

How to Reduce Stage Fright?

Have you ever felt your palms getting sweaty and body shaking in front of a crowd or audience? Don't worry ,you are not alone. Overcoming stage fright can be a difficult task, but if you are determ... Read More »