How to Beat Stage 9 in "Bloxorz"?

Answer "Bloxorz" is a "get from point A to point B" puzzle game with a twist. Instead of guiding a person or animal, you instead have to guide a rectangular block across a puzzle board without falling off... Read More »

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How to Pass Stage 33 on Bloxorz?

"Bloxorz" is a fairly basic -- in execution, anyway -- flash-based puzzle game. Your objective is to move your rectangular brick from one end of the stage and drop it through the hole in the floor ... Read More »

How to Beat Stage Four on "Blockerz"?

"Blockerz" is a free online puzzle game in which the goal is to maneuver a rectangular 3D block to the end of different maze-like boards. To make the game more difficult, the block must also be mov... Read More »

How to Beat Stage 4 in "Need for Speed: Underground 2"?

Released for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2004, "Need for Speed: Underground 2" places players in the open world city of Bayview where they can custom build street race cars. "Underground 2" featu... Read More »

How to Beat Stage Fright During Performance?

Stage fright is identified as "being nervous when performing in front of a lot of people". It's true; standing up on a stage can make you feel very nervous. How do you cope? Here's how to get rid o... Read More »