How to Beat Pokémon Emerald?

Answer Pokémon is one of the most popular games in the world. They have tons of Pokémon games out - Emerald is the 2nd generation game placed in the Hoenn Region. This game is a little tricky, but w... Read More »

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How to Beat the 6th Gym Leader in Pokemon Emerald?

WinonaWinona, the 6th gym leader in the game, Pokemon Emerald, is one of the hardest trainers to beat. She uses flying Pokemon, so take that into consideration.

How to Beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Emerald Without Having a Starter?

Having a starter Pokemon is not very important at all. It is recommended to put it in your box when starting play.

How to Beat the Elite Four on Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald?

You only need a Kyogre and a Blaziken to beat it on your first try. Kyogre needs thunder, surf, ice beam, and you should probably give him the mystic water to kill Metagross and Cradily at lower le... Read More »

How to Beat the Elite 4 on Pokemon Emerald With Ease?

This is nothing more than a guide as to what Pokemon you should have to beat the Elite 4 on Pokemon Emerald, as well as a few secrets as to secret title-screen codes.