How to Beat Guitar Hero 2?

Answer Do you want to beat guitar hero 2? Well, I'm going to tell you how.

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How to Beat "One" on Expert in Guitar Hero?

Struggling hitting those triplets in the solo? You are not the only one.Are you struggling with Metallica's "One" on Expert in Guitar Hero III due to that really hard solo with all the super fast t... Read More »

How to Beat Rach in Guitar Hero?

Rach is a formidable foe at Guitar Hero but with the right attitude and enough practise you could possibly beat her...possibly.

How to Beat Guitar Hero 3 on Expert?

Having trouble with that last battle? Can't seem to nail those tricky solos? Don't worry anymore, here are the inside tips to help you beat even that hardest of songs in Guitar Hero 3.

How to Beat Jordan on Expert (in Guitar Hero)?

Okay... So you've beaten every song on expert so far, when suddenly you come to a roadblock. You're probably thinking, "That's a crazy solo!" and that's okay. Just read this guide and you'll be fine.