How to Beat Cynthia in Pokemon Black/White?

Answer Can Cynthia's Pokemon beat yours with one hit? Are you frustrated of beating several of her Pokemon only to have your strongest beat by her Milotic's ice-beam? If so, this should help.

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How to Beat the Elite 4 and Cynthia in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl?

If you play Pokemon Diamond or Pearl and have already beat the Elite 4, but cannot beat Cynthia because you have no PP for your good moves, read on for some help.

How to Beat Cyrus in Pokemon Diamond?

Choose CHIMCHAR at the start for this, Because when it learns Flare Blitz, it can thrash him.

How to Beat the Gym Leaders in Pokemon Fire Red?

Are you stuck on that one Gym Ledaer in Pokemon FireRed? If so, here's how to cream them so badly, they'll marvel at you!

How to Beat Groudon in "Pokemon: Explorers of Sky"?

The third boss battle of "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky" pits you against an illusion of Groudon -- the legendary Pokemon that is said to have expanded the lands by evaporating oceans w... Read More »