How to Beat All of Special Condition Hall in GT4?

Answer Do you hate the special condition races? Always crash to the wall or trap because it is slippery? Or you crash your opponent accidentally and get 5 second slow penalties? This article will help you... Read More »

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How to Beat Special Mission 23 in Gran Turismo 4?

A thorn in the side of many Gran Turismo 4 players is Special Mission 23 (Slipstream Battle 3: Nissan Skyline GT-R). This page aims to let you in on the ways of defeating this challenge.

Is Anthony Michael Hall related to Huntz Hall?

Actor Anthony Micheal Hall, otherwise known as Micheal Anthony Hall, is not related to actor/comedian Huntz Hall, otherwise known as Henry Richard Hall. Henry Richard Hall was married four times, b... Read More »

If you were treated for a condition in April and got insurance coverage in May would a claim for treatment in October be a pre-existing condition?

AnswerPropably. Did you have prior insurance? For more info see and scroll down the pageAnswerDepends on the diagnosis: broken arm? No .... allergi... Read More »

Distinguish between democratic condition and non democra tric condition?

It helps them save time ,reduces the paper cost which are used in DFA's (Draft for approval) makes thing run very quickly.