How to Be the Skinny Girl in School?

Answer If you are finding that realistically, your weight is effecting your ability to live a happy and healthy life, here are a few ways to begin to feel a little healthier!

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Am I too skinny I am 82 pounds, 5"4, 14, and a girl.?

yes. you are underweight.Edit:Your BMI is 14.073. For a 14 y/o it is supposed to be between 15.8 and 23.3

What's the skinny weight for a 13 year old girl 5,6?

Is being a 13 year old girl 5'5 and a half and weighing 106-108 skinny , normal , or fat?

try this ideal weight calculator, based on age, gender and height. It gives you the per cent of people heavier than you, too. And shows you how you compare to others: Read More »

People call me skinny girl how can i gain weight?

I have always been called skinny and for many years wanted to gain weight. I have had 5 kids and am still called skinny names but I don't mind so much now. I also get told i don't look like i have ... Read More »