How to Be the Favorite Pupil of Your Teacher?

Answer Do you want to be called the "Teacher's Pet"? Well here is the article for you.

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Teacher/Pupil Relationships in Public High Schools?

Student achievement in public high schools has be directly linked to positive student-teacher relationships in a 2009 study published by University of Missouri researchers in "Educational Psycholog... Read More »

What does a teacher need to know about the Down syndrome pupil in the class?

How bad is the Down syndrome?Can the child communicate and understand in the class?Can the child read and write?

Human Eye Pupil: I read the cornea magnifies the pupil, but by how much?

The magnification in the eye is carried by the Lens and the cornea, the pupil is just an aperture which helps selecting point of focusing the rays entering the eye so we can see near and far objects

How can you get rid of a splinter in the pupil of your eye?

Don't do it.The pupil of the eye is the hole that the light enters the eye.If the splinter is inside the eye itself then only surgery will pull it out. It also means that the lens covering the pup... Read More »