How to Be the Coolest Girl in Your Class?

Answer Are You fed up of being called a "loser". Want to look down on those who have? Want to be liked by EVERYONE? Well, you have come to the right place!

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How to Be the Coolest Girl in School?

Do you wish you were cooler? Your school appearance was better? Fed up of being called a swot? Follow these tips for ultimate coolness.

Which Spice Girl was/is the coolest?

I don't know which is scarier...the fact that the word "cool" is mentioned with the Spice Girls, or the fact that you know all of their names.

How to Get a Girl in Your Karate Class to Like You?

If you like a girl in your karate class, follow these simple steps. First, ask her if she would like to take a karate class with you.

How to Get a Girl when You Are the Class Clown?

Ask a girl what she is looking for in a potential partner and most will say a sense of humor but why then is it so difficult as the class clown to get the girl, who has a better sense of humor then... Read More »