How to Be the Best Possible (Girls)?

Answer Have you ever wondered if you could be your best all the time? Well now you can with this step by step guide.

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Girls ... What's the best body to seduce college girls?

if you think all it takes is a body to seduce girls, you have a lot of growing up to do.

What is the best possible HDTV brands from best to worst?

Consumer Reports. LCD 1. Sony Bravia 2.Sharp Aquos 3. Samsung, LG Opus. Cheaper ones but still okay for the size Vizio and Westinghouse. Worse: Polaroid, HP, Sanyo, Sylvania

I'm interested in a guy who only likes "big girls". Is it possible to put on 75lbs in a two week period?

Yes. Try this recipe. Eat it every day! It's tasty, and oh-so-fattening.2 parts French Toast1 Part Bionic Pancakes5 gallons of syrup.Don't skip out on the syrup. That's where you'll really pack on ... Read More »

Girls you're gonna have a blast with this one! I need as many answer as possible. Please help out?

Make him wear makeup, a bra, thongs, and stiletto heels. And do plenty of oogling and groping in those places where females get it most. And be sure he washes floors, toilet, sink, cook dinner and ... Read More »