How to Be the Best Bebo Roleplayer You Can Be?

Answer Those of you who are familiar with the world of roleplaying on will know that many roleplayers prejudice you for being a newbie or not having many friends, etc. If you're fed up of this, r... Read More »

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How to Be a Bebo Roleplayer?

When people think about roleplay, mostly they end up thinking about complicated games about elves and swords - but what they don't know is that roleplay can be about anything, from Harry Potter to ... Read More »

Which is best....facebook or bebo?

facebook is really nosey. i mean that starts so much drama but i don't know what bebo is

Bebo, Facebook or My Space, which is the best?

Bebo is much better less "messy" with its applications than facebook it is all over the place even tho you can arrange it bebo neatly does that for you....hope it helped :)

How to Be a Professional Roleplayer?

So you have started this thing called 'Roleplaying' and you're getting the hang of it. But now you want to become a master! Read ahead to find out how to spice up your posts and get into some advan... Read More »