How to Be in the Moment?

Answer To be in the moment is to recognize that you are here, now, and appreciate that for all that it is worth.

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How to Have a Moment?

How to have a wedding wedding moment? You insert your love and personality into your day.

How to Enjoy the Moment?

Our modern lifestyles run at such a frenetic speed that all the wonderful moments that could be savored are blurred out. But although we are often unable to enjoy them through force of habit, do no... Read More »

How to Live in the Moment?

Living in the moment is all about living like there's no tomorrow. To do this you must realize beauty in every moment, and in everyday activities. It’s a conscious act that requires participation... Read More »

My MJ funny moment of the day ;D?

Lol funny.Um yea..I'm not his family or anything.But.. Ima answer it.I was sleeping one day in class...And I was thinking about mj.And When i woke up.. My friend told me I had randomly screamed out... Read More »