How to Be in a Class With Students You Don't Like?

Answer If you ever absolutely have to be in a room with people you cannot tolerate. Whether they be annoying people, people you don't know too well and don't want to get to know them. Here are some tips t... Read More »

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I have diabetes and i dont know what to do in class?

Put together a booklet or information book about type 2 diabetes, explaining in it what to do when your high, or when your low, pass this booklet around to all your teachers, also inform your schoo... Read More »

How to Deal With a Class of Students That You Do Not Like?

It is difficult dealing with any group you do not know or dislike, particularly when you know you'll be taking a bunch of classes with them every day for a whole year. However, dealing with people ... Read More »

Should students have earphones in class?

Skull candy headphones usually break anywhere from 2-3 months use. I recommend buying another brand, because they are cheap. You're only paying for the brand. Definitely not the quality.

How Would You Engage Your Students in Math Class?

Engaging students in math class can seem difficult, particularly if what they are learning consists only of numbers on a board. Making lessons interactive and having the children learn solutions to... Read More »