How to Be in Beauty Pageants As a Kid?

Answer Some girls like spelling bees. Others like swim meets. And then there are the pageants. Glitz, glamor, and makeup all swirl together as one in these competitions. If you like the idea of this, you ... Read More »

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What do you think about Children's Beauty Pageants?

I think this is one of the worst exploitations of little girls. Mothers trying to live vicariously through their daughters. It is repugnant to see little girls strutting like adult strippers. Let ... Read More »

Are Beauty Pageants Harmful for Children?

Child beauty pageants, once primarily a U.S. phenomenon but now common worldwide, are a controversial topic for many people -- particularly since the death of child beauty queen John Benet Ramsey ... Read More »

Does anybody else think that little girls doing beauty pageants is kinda odd?

I have family members that have done a couple of pageants. What happens backstage is disgusting. half the kids are crying from pain (tight rollers, teeth bleach, eye liner, tight dresses, glue to m... Read More »

How to Act Like You Do Pageants?

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