How to Be an Urban Spy?

Answer So you want to be a spy, but you still want to look normal huh? Well here are some professional tips that you will need.

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How to Be Good at Urban Fu (Urban Terror Kung Fu)?

Do you want to learn Urban Terror Kung Fu also know as Urban Fu? This guide will help you become a Urban Fu master.

What is the differance between urban driving -extra urban driving and -combined driving?

urban driving is driving in town/cityextra urban driving is the new phrase for driving in the country andcombined driving is the average mpg of both of the above.

How to Get an Urban Mohawk?

Traditionally mohawks were the chosen hairstyle of the punk rock movement. This movement stressed the importance of individuality, boldness and self-expression. The mohawk consisted of a clean shav... Read More »

What is urban sprawl?

Urban sprawl is characterized by the overall growth and spread of a given community. There are both benefits and drawbacks to this process, depending upon what factors are most important residents.... Read More »