How to Be an Openly Gay Christian?

Answer Contrary to the wrongheaded and damaging belief that Christianity and homosexuality are mutually exclusive, they are not. Homosexuality is not a choice or a lifestyle. It is an aspect of the human ... Read More »

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Should the openly gay be allowed to serve in the military?

Yes they should. If a gay person wishes to serve his or her country, why would that service not be valued? And there is no basis, either legally or morally, to make gay people into second class cit... Read More »

How to Encourage Your Partner to Talk More Openly?

Is it time for a talk? It is good to make a time to talk to your partner about how your relationship is going. Here are few tips to encourage your partner to talk more openly.

How do you feel about women openly displaying tattoos?

I remember paying a dollar at a side show circus, 35 years ago, to see The Tattoo Lady. Since then, I've always considered tattoos to be the most UN-Lady like thing a woman could do to herself. T... Read More »

Would it bother you if someone was breastfeeding openly at a busy restaurant?

the breastfeeding itself wouldn't bother me because I can choose not to look but I have to admit I would be thinking to myself how the mother was not very tactful about it and not very considerate ... Read More »