How to Be an Olden Day Girl?

Answer An Olden Day girl is one who loves the charm and romanticism of times past, the elegance of ladies in beautiful clothes such as hooped skirts, buttoned up tops, delicate shoes with bows and buttons... Read More »

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In the olden days what were TVs called?

What kind of power did a micorwave use in the olden days?

IIRC, our first one in the late 1970's was 350 Watts.

Why did people eat junk food for lunch in the olden days?

What do you mean JUNK FOOD! I'm 66 and I still think it's acceptable. What do you have Caviar and Champagne? Good for you.

Why were meals so much tastier back in the olden days?

Well, nobody cared about nutrition that much so everything was loaded with fat (butter, lard) and the salt shaker was ever-present. Nobody counted fat grams or calories. Heck, there weren't even ... Read More »