How to Be an Idiot in Public?

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How to Be an Idiot in a Public Place?

If you have wanted to be a complete idiot in public you have come to the right place! This article will tell you everything there is to being stupid in public.

THIS IS AN IDIOT ALERT...I REPEAT....THIS IS AN IDIOT ALERT....Where on my computer is the multiplication sign?

multiply = * above the 9 key on the number pad on a UK keyboard.division = / above the 8 key on the number pad on a UK keyboard.your not an idiot if you don't know these things you don't know them.... Read More »

Ok so im an idiot...?

Yes your prescription glasses will be wrong. It's her fault. She's an opthamologist correct? I'm sure this sort a thing happens all the time. She should have asked you if you had contacts in. Her w... Read More »

Why am i such an idiot.?

Driving requires multitasking, good observation skills, judgment, hand-eye coordination, speed judgment, paying attention, etc. Maybe you're lacking one (or more) of these. Or maybe you're just i... Read More »