How to Be an Expressive Pianist?

Answer It is important when playing piano, to really 'feel' the music you're playing. Whether it is scales, or some intricate Chopin piece, you need to be emotionally connected to the notes you are playin... Read More »

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Asking for a job a lobby pianist?

Everyplace is different, but in my experience, most places like that hire piano players through an agency. Plus your age might be a disadvantage.There's probably no harm in giving it a try, but be... Read More »

Pianist Job Description?

Professional pianists accompany symphonies and orchestras, play the piano music for theater productions and church services, and provide background music for special events and locations. Finding w... Read More »

How to Be Expressive?

No matter how you feel, you look blank. No matter what you do, you seem boring. Wanna be more expressive? Here's how:

Which former squeeze pianist apeers on bbc tv?

its normally Brian Moore, Jonathan Davies and Jeremy Gusscott ( these are the main 3 used) Guests pundits are used on occasion