How to Be an Elite Nerf Agent?

Answer Do you want to be the best nerf agent on the field? This is how.

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How to Be an Elite Nerf Assassin?

Now,an assassin in Nerf is also one of the most sneakiest and "solo" roles in the Nerf Elites team.Without you,your team cannot attack secretly,kill strategic targets or just assassinate people.

How to Be a Nerf Elite Sniper?

What you need is a good accurate Nerf gun like the recon, longshot, or longstrike.

How to Be an Elite Nerf Assault Man?

Have you always wanted to be an Elite Nerf Assault man, but couldn't do it? Then follow this article to become the best Nerf Assault Man ever!

How to Assemble an Elite Nerf Squad?

Nerf is awesome. If you love it take it a bit further and make an Elite Squad to show off your skill and win Nerf wars.