How to Be an Efficient Teenager?

Answer In order to be an efficient adult, one must learn to be so as a teenager. This article is aimed at teens between 13 and 18 (middle to high school). One can divide this into three sections; starting... Read More »

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If a parent cannot control a teenager can they give up custody of the teenager to the state?

So long as they are under the age of 18, then yes you can. But why would anyone want to put their own child into care! It may be a long hard road but there are plenty of organisations out there to ... Read More »

How to Be Efficient?

It's amazing how much time we waste, but if you're willing to make a few changes, your time could be used more efficiently. Here's how:

How to Buy a Fuel Efficient SUV?

SUVs make wonderful personal and/or family vehicles because of their big size, many ammenities and large towing capacity, but they do have the downside of being gas guzzlers that will cost you a fo... Read More »

Are dishwashers efficient?

On One Hand: Dishwashers are ExpensivePriced at $300 and higher, dishwashers are expensive. Once installed, a dishwasher can cause a utility bill to raise significantly, depending on how much the d... Read More »