How to Be an Effective Grunt in Planetside?

Answer Even though you might be tempted to bring out your empire's tank, grunting is actually more rewarding - especially if you choose your certifications carefully.

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Were can i get a planetside 2 download for mac?

How to Beat a Grunt in Halo?

Beating grunts. They're annoying at times and the ones with fuel rods are sometimes even deadly. How do you beat them?

How to Kill a Grunt on Halo 3?

Grunts on Halo 3 are cute, funny and can also be deadly, so don't let the cuddly appearance fool you - these little guys mean business and they're out to get you. Here's how to kill a grunt on Halo... Read More »

How to Be a Nerf Rifle Grunt?

Rifle Grunt is a person that carries a type of Nerf rifle. They are really accurate. with a nerf gun. Expert shots. Great tactician. Excellent Guards.