How to Be an Aussie Hardcore?

Answer Here is the best way to be a true Aussie hardcore.

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How to Get Your Aussie Crush?

There are so many articles on how to attract a guy, but not all guys are the same. Aussie boys are totally different to American boys. This article will help you to get your Aussie crush.

How would you say "advance" in an aussie accent?

It depends on what region of Australia you're from. I'm South Australian and I pronounce it like the British (more of a drawn out ah sound) Some other states though (I think Victoria for example) p... Read More »

How to Fix a DNS Server Problem for an Aussie PC?

You open up your brand new wireless internet laptop, fix it up to your wireless router and the fourth or fifth page you visit says: DNS error/ page cannot be displayed/ mac osx click here/ windows ... Read More »

Are Tim Tam's referred to as an "Aussie Icon"?

It was introduced in 1964 in australia by ian norris, i think he isthe founder of arnots. I don't think it is an 'aussie icon' though