How to Be an Assassin at Nerf, Manhunt, Airsoft, or Paintball?

Answer This article will reveal the 'secrets' of becoming a successful assassin in any combat or capture-based game such as Nerf, Manhunt(urban game), or Airsoft/Paintball.

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How to Stay in Shape As a Nerf/Airsoft/Paintball/Manhunt Assassin?

As a game assassin there is so much more to fitness than simply lifting weights and jogging every morning. Here are a few valuable tips and pointers.

How to Be Stealthy in Airsoft, Manhunt, Paintball?

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How to Be a Nerf Assassin?

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How to Become a Nerf Assassin?

Nerf assassins are some of the best assassins in the Nerf world. They can pick off the leaders and important people of the opponents team. Follow these easy steps to become one of the best Nerf ass... Read More »