How to Be an Airsoft Scout Sniper?

Answer An Airsoft scout sniper is a sniper who doesn't just go out and play the role as a normal sniper would. Instead he or she will play the role as a sniper and communicate with his fellow teammates. T... Read More »

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How to Be an Airsoft Scout Sniper Team?

A sniper can turn the tide of an air soft war but only through discipline, training, and practice. Air soft sniping is truly an art. Many new air softers begin saying, “OH I want to be a sniper!â... Read More »

Should i become a marine scout sniper or army sniper or navy sniper?

Well, first, you should ensure you can make it. You won't enlist into the Army or the Navy as a sniper - in the Army, you'd have to enlist as either an infantryman or Cavalry Scout, then request an... Read More »

How to Turn Your Airsoft Rifle Into an Airsoft Sniper?

Why get a new sniper when you can refurbish your old rifle? It can be a conscious and economical decision that can save you a lot of money. Consider the following:

Who has more training the US Marine Scout Sniper or British Marine Sniper?

They're remarkably similar to each other.Don't forget, RMC & USMC have a "Bond of Friendship" which extends way beyond social niceties, shared traditions/ values, & the occasional parade! For examp... Read More »