How to Be an Acceptable Retail Co Worker?

Answer All hands on deck during the busy timesMany retail workers, perhaps out of contempt or indifference for their employer and/or the customers, are unpleasant to work with and therefore are shunned by... Read More »

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Is an adoption worker different from a social worker?

What is the difference between retail and renter's insurance and can you use renter's insurance in a retail space?

Commercial Space Rental and Insurance What you would need to buy for a commercial space is called Commercial General Liability Insurance.  Answer There is a big difference between Retail and Rente... Read More »

Why is this acceptable ?

It's not. Also, I disagree with many of the answers to this question about that BM compares to the same simplification of AP or PAP. The amount of minimizing, dehumanizing, and outright ugly thin... Read More »

What are acceptable triglycerides?

Triglycerides are the chemical form in which the majority of fat exists in the body. They are derived from fats in food and energy sources such as carbohydrates and then stored in fat cells.High Tr... Read More »