How to Be a YouTube Gaming Commentator?

Answer want to be a gaming commentator for you tube ? if so read on

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How do i become a better commentator on youtube?

It's not bad you're just getting started like myself. The only thing i'd suggest is that you fix up the audio so there isn't all that static while the video plays. Other then just keep at it and yo... Read More »

Youtube Commentator's?

What capture card are you getting? For video game content recording, composite cables (which carry 480p and are what most capture cards use) really won't cut it. Get a PVR or other recording box th... Read More »

YouTube Gaming Equipment Help?

Microphone- Blue Snowball, but it's a bit expensive. Starting out any Logitech will work well really.Webcam/Camera, can't go wrong with anything that's HD....Headphones- Don't see a reason to need ... Read More »

I want a YouTube gaming channel?

Ok i have a gaming channel well had but i stopped posting vids. Anywho You can take the cheap approach or the not so cheap approach, with the cheap approach you would need something like a Dazzle c... Read More »