How to Be a Within Temptation Fan?

Answer Left to right, starting at front: Ruud Jolie (guitarist), Stephen van Haestregt (ex-drummer), Jeroen van Veen (bassist), Sharon den Adel (vocalist), Martijn Spierenburg (keyboardist), and Robert We... Read More »

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How to Surrender to Temptation?

Ahh Temptation, the lust of an object, food or person... But the question remains- How does one give into such lust? This article explains more.

How to Avoid Temptation to Sin?

We are all human and get tempted, so do not feel guilty. Do not feel like a failure. And most important of all, try your best to never give in. These are ways to avoid temptation.

How to Deal With Temptation?

Are you any good at resisting temptation? All of us succumb to a little temptation now and then, but some people are blessed with more self-control than others. Temptation is about wanting somethin... Read More »

How to Resist Sexual Temptation?

To fall into sexual temptation is a choice, just like any other in life. If you decide to resist it, be sure you will overcome it. No matter how tempting the feelings may get, you can control them.