How to Be a Werecat for Halloween?

Answer Out of all the werecreatures featured in folklore, werecats are often ignored as they are rarely ever featured in movies or books which mention werecats.This handy guide will show you how to be a w... Read More »

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In the spirit of Halloween what is your favorite Halloween Candy?


I just made this one the other day. It was cool. It requires whatever you need to make ordinary sugar cookies, plus green food coloring, red decorating gel, and sliced almonds.Witch's FingersMake s... Read More »

How to Be Emo for Halloween?

Emo is short for emotional and is often used to describe sensitive people. As it relates to music, it is a genre of rock that emerged in the '80s. Emo music lovers are characterized by their appear... Read More »

How to Get a Halloween Mask?

Need to find a sick mask for Halloween? Do you have money lying around? Do you keep getting stupid raisins and toothbrushes on Halloween? Then this is the tutorial for you. Bonus! Bloody Blood Bloo... Read More »