How to Be a Threat with Battle Rifles and Carbines in Halo 2?

Answer In Halo 2 there are two very powerful weapons, the Battle Rifle and the Carbine. These weapons are useful, but only if used well. Read on...

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How to Kill With a Battle Rifle in Halo 3 Multiplayer?

Battle Rifles are an essential in Halo 3 Multiplayer. If you can get one and know how to use it it can be deadly.

How to Survive a Halo 3 Multiplayer Battle?

When surviving any halo 3 multiplayer battle wether its big team slayer, or one of the many single player multiplayer matches that halo 3 has to offer, balanced offense and defense will win any bat... Read More »

How to Hunt With .22 Air Rifles?

An air rifle fires a lead pellet driven by a burst of compressed air or Co2 gas. The muzzle velocity of a .22 air rifle is between 500 and 900 foot pounds, depending on the rifle, as compared to 11... Read More »

How to Hunt Squirrels With Air Rifles?

Newer-style air guns shoot further and faster than older models. The increased velocity brings air rifles into the realm of small game hunting. Matching the air gun and ammo to the size of the smal... Read More »