How to Be a Teen Mentor?

Answer Some teens are responsible enough to be entrusted the care and teaching of younger ones. They are leaders and good role models who have the chance to help others.

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How to Find a Mentor?

We have all needed some kind of mentoring at some point in our lives. A mentor is defined to be "a wise and trusted counselor or teacher"[1]. The key difference however between a "mentor" and a "te... Read More »

How to Mentor a Teenager?

All teenagers experience troubled times - some more serious than others. Even though they might not show it (or even know it), all they sometimes really need is someone to listen to them and guide ... Read More »

How to Mentor on wikiHow?

A mentor is a trusted counselor or guide. [1] At wikiHow, we match relatively new editors, that show potential, with experienced wikiHowians. We aim to help build wiki skills in writing, online com... Read More »

How to Be an Effective Mentor?

An effective mentor relationship is rewarding to the mentor as well as to the mentee. The organization benefits from the ongoing development of new talent. Many organizations have formal mentoring ... Read More »