How to Be a Successful Stay at Home Mom?

Answer If you are a Stay at Home Mom, I salute you! Your job requirements involve: taste, decorating, education, psychology, economics, fashion, recreation, pediatrics, entertainment, law, religion, liter... Read More »

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New mom - stay at home or back to work How can I make money & keep my sanity if I do decide to stay at home?

Newborns can't see depth and color as well as adults do. So, your eyes are not interesting, but your hairline is because of the color-contrast. The same with fans, or moving objects. The dark again... Read More »

How to Stay Positive when Your Home Is an Adult Foster Care Home for Developmentally Disabled Adults?

Providing twenty-four hour care, 365 days a year in your home for Developmentally Disabled adults is a large undertaking that requires patience, nerves of steel, and a sense of humor. Some common s... Read More »

Should a mother stay at home with her young children rather than working outside the home?

On One Hand: Advantages of HomeStaying home with your children will help facilitate a strong parent-child bond by allowing you to teach, nurture, and entertain your child. Furthermore, if no qualit... Read More »

What is the most successful home business?

On One Hand: Pick One That Fits You.You are unlikely to be successful and even less likely to be happy doing something you are not suited for. Consider your training, educational background, experi... Read More »