How to Be a Successful Husband According to the Apostle Peter?

Answer The key factor involved in being the greatest success as a husband is the respect that is shown to the wife, and in this message we will stress the three areas where respect is essential according ... Read More »

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Peter is my brother-in-law Adam is my husband How do Peter and Adam related?

There is no English word to describe the relation of you and your brother-in-law's cousin's step-son. Your brother-in-law's cousin is not related to you, so neither is his cousin, and certainly not... Read More »

How to Be a Successful Muslim Husband?

Being a good husband is important in any marriage. Marriage should be a partnership of sorts, no matter what the religion. Two people who join together should learn to live with each other, each gi... Read More »

According to your LMP you were 7 weeks pregnant but the dr said that according to the size of the sac you were only 5.4 but the sac was empty is this possible?

AnswerYes, this is possible. One of my friends misscarried her first child when she was only 6 weeks along. She kept on going to the doctor and such. Well, she started to get sick at about 8 wee... Read More »

How did the apostle john die?

According to the Bible, both John and his brother James were apostles of Jesus Christ. James was the first apostle to die following the death of Jesus while John was the last to go, and the only ap... Read More »