How to Be a Subculture of One?

Answer Tired of being labeled? Tired of having to fit in with your group of friends? Learn how to stand out here.

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How to Be Friends with Someone from a Different Subculture?

We can't all be preps or punks or even 'normal'. Some teenagers can't seem to accept that, and the result makes West Side Story look tame. Examples of this include England during the 1950s and 1960... Read More »

What is the meaning of subculture?

People can generally identify themselves as part of a larger culture, which means that they hold many of the same values and beliefs as those around them. But they might not be aware of being part ... Read More »

How to Fit Into a Subculture While Keeping Your Own Style?

We all love dressing up, trying new things, creating new outfits. But how to choose something truly unique, something you can create and wear it in your own style?

How to Defend the Lolita Subculture?

You are Lolita and someone just serious dissed the whole subculture?Well this is how you deal with it.