How to Be a Stealthy Nerf Soldier?

Answer in this article i will be telling you how to be a stealthy Nerf soldier as the title implies. do as i say and you will be great. in Nerf ranking i am a grand moff (the highest rank possible) so you... Read More »

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How to Become the Best Nerf Soldier You Can Be?

Being a nerf soldier is a hard, exhausting, rather dangerous job, and you want to keep good, be alive and have easier wars (unless you enjoy being murderized that is). Read these easy steps and bec... Read More »

How to Become an Elite Nerf Soldier?

Have you ever been in a Nerf war, and noticed that you absolutely stink at everything? Are you a newbie to Nerf, and want to find out the best way to learn the art? If you've answered "Yes!" to any... Read More »

How to Be a Super Nerf Soldier?

Have you ever been picked on about having bad aim in a nerf war? It hurts. Here is a good way to stop this and show your friends the other end of your nerf gun.

How to Be a Nerf Basic Infantry Soldier?

In a Nerf war you want should have a sniper, a heavy infantry soldier, a recon man (scout), and a few basic infantry men. preferably you should have around 10 people. try having at least 4 of them ... Read More »