How to Be a Springboard Diver?

Answer Springboard diving is a sport that often doesn't get the credit it deserves. It takes an immense amount of strength, speed, balance, and accuracy. After completing a smooth approach on the board, t... Read More »

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A diver dives off a diving board which is 5m above the surface of a swimming pool Assuming that all of the diver's GPE is converted into KE calculate their speed when they hit the water?

Use the formula v2=u2+2*a*s v=final velocity u=intital velocity a=acceleration due to gravity s=displacement This then gives: 2*9.8*5=98square root of 989.89ms-1

What is a Springboard iPhone?

The iPhone Springboard is the screen that displays all the applications, or apps, that are on your iPhone. The Springboard can display various backgrounds and themes to create a personal look for e... Read More »

How to Forward One and a Half Flip from a Springboard?

Want to know how to forward one and a half flip from a springboard or diving board? Well here's how.

How to Do a Springboard Back Suicide Dive?

This is a dive that a lot of people can't do. A springboard back suicide dive means a dive without your hands. It's really easy though. This is the first step to a back flip.