How to Be a Smart Shopper (Teen Girls)?

Answer These days, everyone who doesn't have a $6 million income is on a budget. The thing is, for most families, only the essentials have become well, essential, so the fun things have fallen way by the ... Read More »

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How to Be Smart, Funny, and Athletic (Teen Girls.)?

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How to Turn Your Bedroom from Teen Snore to Teen Galore (for Girls)?

Is your room boring and plain? Is it the same room you had since you were five? If you answered yes, keep reading.

How to Be a Smart Teen Driver?

There is usually a lot of pressure on teen drivers. Parents pressure their teens to be good and responsible drivers, while friends of teen drivers often pressure them into doing the opposite. Howev... Read More »

The Benefits of Girls Scouts for Young Teen Girls?

Juliette Low held the first Girl Scout organization meeting in the United States in 1912. The intent of the organization was to teach girls and women life skills and allow them to become involved ... Read More »