How to Be a Shepherd?

Answer Goat on a mountain.Being a shepherd can be a lot of fun, especially when you know how to do it. Shepherds can be found all over the world. Anyplace from the deserts of Israel to the Highlands of Sc... Read More »

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How to Train a German Shepherd?

Few canines display the grace and majesty of the German Shepherd. One look at such a dog and the strength and power are obvious. Though the dog might appear menacing, especially to those up to no g... Read More »

Anatolian Shepherd Vs. Rottweiler?

While both the Anatolian shepherd and the Rottweiler were developed to serve as guardian dogs of a farmer's herd or flock, the Anatolian shepherd was developed in Turkey and the Rottweiler in Germa... Read More »

How to Buy a German Shepherd Puppy?

German shepherds, originally bred from a line of herding and farm dogs in Germany, are very popular working dogs, companions and protectors. Playful, fun-loving, and full of energy, properly social... Read More »

How to Adopt a German Shepherd?

Many dog lovers are under the misconception that animal rescue groups only have mixed-breed dogs for adoption. In reality, a large majority of rescue dogs looking for homes are of the purebred vari... Read More »