How to Be a Semi Cool Person for Semi Geeks?

Answer So you've decided it's time to try a little conformism? It's not as bad as it sounds. Once you've decided that utter uniqueness isn't as important as having people take you seriously, you're on you... Read More »

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Semi Emo Hairstyles?

Emo hairstyles have grown in popularity: anything goes with an emo cut, and you have the ability to express yourself through your hair. Emo hairstyles are characterized by choppy, irregular layers ... Read More »

What are semi mounts?

In the jewelry world, the term "semi-mount" is used to refer to a jewelry piece, usually a ring, which has side stones already set, but empty prongs in the center, allowing the designer or jewelry ... Read More »

What does semi formal mean?

Semiformal describes the attire for an event where it is not required to fully dress up, but it is required to look nice. For men, this means a suit without the vest or a button-down shirt with a t... Read More »

How to Fix a Semi-Bricked PSP?

Installing custom firmware on the Sony PSP may cause problems if the install goes awry, resulting with a "brick" on the hands. A brick is a term used for a PSP that will not power on. Unfortunately... Read More »