How to Be a RuneScape Skiller (F2P & P2P)?

Answer This guide will show you how to create a skiller, also known as a skill pure. We will train everything except for Attack, Strength, Constitution, Range, Magic, Defense, Summoning, And the new Dunge... Read More »

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How to Create a Skiller on RuneScape?

Ever want to be RuneScape's ultimate level 3? Here's how!

How to Make a Successful Skiller in RuneScape?

Have you ever wondered how that level 3 has so much money and a skill cape?This guide will show you how to make that money and skill cape as a skiller!

How to Make a Pure RuneScape Skiller?

Many people in Runescape have resort to make skiller pures, some people are unsure why. Since Jagex took away PvP (Player versus Player), players have found something else that is more challenging ... Read More »

How to Level Your Runescape Skiller When You First Start?

Have you always wanted to be a level 3 skiller with multiple 99's. If so read this guide to show you how to start off your skiller and get some good cash.