How to Be a Punk Skater?

Answer Skateboards. Studs. Leather. To many it is a clear label: Punk Skater. But there's more to it than it seems. Also remember to be true to yourself. Being punk is a lifetime label, if you don't want ... Read More »

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How to Look Hot Being a Skater or Punk?

Have you ever noticed that skater boys and punks often have a lot of girls falling at their feet? Jealous much? Well this is the way you do it.

Skater Punk Hairstyles?

The skater style has become famous through the sport of skateboarding. This sport has inspired fashion trends and skate apparel. You can often see adults and kids who participate in the sport profe... Read More »

How to Be a Punk Skater Girl?

So, you wish you could be a total cool tomboy and hang out with the guys and actually be a legit modern punk girl at the same time? Here's the perfect article.

How to Be a Punk/Scene/Emo/Skater Girl?

Have you seen those girls who don't fit in with the preps but can do many things at once? You like their scene/emo hair with their cute hoodie? Well, if you don't know what I'm talking about, you c... Read More »